Learning takes on a new level of excitement when kids see how things can be found off the page and in real life! Just this week, a few rounds of SHAPE SNOOP SNATCH reignited our kiddos’ passion for shape recognition. A clock, a ferris wheel, and the moon all made circles enticing again!

Playing is easy! Snoop around (on tippy toes for extra sneaky snooping!) and start to investigate your little’s room, your house, then your neighborhood for each shape. Have your kiddo whisper “Shape Snoop” when they’ve found one. This is great practice in delayed gratification and using their words before action. Then only after you have snuck up on the shape and “caught” it together, exclaim “Shape Snatch!”

Little kids will need clues, or two distinct choices to pick from, when snooping a particular shape. Bigger kids will embrace the challenge of snooping a whole area by themselves. And the tongue twister of “shape snoop” versus “shape snatch!” will entertain all of you!

(originally posted on Toddler Blog)

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