Get ready for an adventure through Our 5 Senses with your own little explorer! It’s a sensory experience that promotes body awareness and belly laughter!

Start by “waking up” each sense. Toddlers love this one!
– Blink your eyes awake to see
– Wiggle your ears awake to hear
– Tap your nose awake to smell
– Stick your tongue out to taste
– Wiggle your fingers ready to touch

SEE: Start a game of Eye Spy. You can spy colors or shapes for bigger kids, or objects for littles to find.
HEAR: Play your favorite tunes with some pauses/freezes thrown in. Maybe a magic motion makes the music sound turn back on!
SMELL: Experiment with kitchen spices for bigger kids, or with aromatherapy spray for littles.
TASTE: Use your citrus fruits. A lemon slice & a clementine slice may look similar, but they certainly taste very different!
TOUCH: Explore what you already have in the house! Tin foil can be bumpy, plastic wrap feels smooth, tape is sticky, and cotton balls are soft.

(originally posted on Toddler Blog)

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