With temperatures dropping, it gets harder to keep kids moving when stuck inside! But we have some ideas to keep little ones working their gross motor skills indoors, come rain or shine. Read on and play along!

  1. Use painters tape. Make a maze on the floor for kids to trace with their feet. Have them do it on one leg, all fours, and even backwards for an added challenge.
  2. Use pillows. See how tall you can stack them together. Can your little balance on top of two or three or four? Give them a hand to high jump over a stack for heightened fun.
  3. Use cardboard boxes. If you have a few, you’ve created a set of giant blocks to play with. Then line up flattened, skinny ones to use as a balance beam. Use thicker ones to create a ramp, then run and roll down the incline.
  4. Use a ball. Practice throws are best saved for outside. But you can easily roll your way to some indoor fun by making your own bowling game. All you’ll need are some plastic water bottles to knock down. For bonus points, sit down and see if you can pass the ball from one player to the next using just your feet.
  5. Use a jump rope. Wiggle it on the floor like a slithering snake for your young explorers to jump over. Raise it high to limbo low under. Brave players may want to pull it taught for a friendly game of tug of war!

(originally posted on Toddler Blog)

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