Making your family craft time more exciting can be an intimidating task for some parents. But you don’t have to be a Rembrandt with a Rockefeller budget to take your play to the next level. Investing in a few simple supplies can make all the difference. So take a peek at OUR TODDLER CRAFT TIME SHOPPING LIST!

  1. Set of Washable Markers — We love the chubby little ones for our toddlers. Crayola’s Pip-Squeaks are made especially for tiny hands. Plus they come in the most vibrant colors!
  2. Roll of butcher paper — You’ll never need to empty your computer printer’s paper tray again. These giant craft paper rolls last a long time. And you can even cover the entire table with them to protect your space.
  3. Washable Tempera Paint — You can use a paintbrush, Qtips, plastic forks, or almost anything as a tool to dip into the messy fun! Buy the 3 primary colors: Red, Blue, and Yellow. Then encourage your child to mix their own custom-made shades on a paper plate palette. Bonus tip: Add a bit of water to each of your paints to make them last even longer!
  4. Washable Glue Sticks — Give a kid a sticky glue stick, and you’ll see the biggest smile appear. Because even alone, it’s a sensory exploration in itself! Add some collage paper scraps, tin foil squares, or beads and the options are endless!
  5. Googly Eyes — Granted these are less basic than our supplies above, but they make such a huge difference. Googly eyes help all of our best creations come to life! Before you glue them down, try sorting them by size, shaking a bag of them to make a homemade shaker, or counting them in Spanish. Any supply can be used in many ways when you put a little imagination into it!

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