If you have (or had) a Toddler, you probably already have the crafting basics: From markers to paint to paper. But sometimes the usual suspects just aren’t enough to fill a Saturday morning with crafting adventure! It may be time to reinvent your crafting cabinet with these…

  1. Clothespins — Wooden clothespins can turn into paper dolls, tiny animal puppets, or part of a clothespin airplane! And once you’re done, reuse them to hang your favorite art pieces with some twine. Display your little Picasso’s work with pride!
  2. Painters Tape — It is AMAZING! Use it to hang a big piece of paper on your garage door, and suddenly your kiddos are making giant murals! Indoors, try taping down different letters or shapes with the tape, then have your littles watercolor right over it. Peel the tape away and you’ll reveal a geometric art masterpiece!
  3. Popsicle Sticks — Affordable and timeless! They become easy tree trunks when glued to construction paper. Add googly eyes to turn them into puppets. You can even put a few together to make a picture frame!
  4. Feathers — You can use them in lieu of a paintbrushes for a softer stroke across the paper. Or incorporate them right into your art. Birds, butterflies, and faeries take flight once they have crafty wings to help them fly right off the page!
  5. Tissue Paper — The silky pieces will make your collages even more beautiful to the sight and to the touch. Try cutting them into delicate flower petals. Or press pieces onto clear contact paper and you’ve made a special sun catcher!

(originally posted on Toddler Blog)

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