What if just when you think you’ve got this Toddler thing figured out, a new baby is on the way?! We’re here to help ease the transition for you and your tot with “WHAT TO DO WHEN EXPECTING BABY #2!”

1.  Don’t expect your toddler to get too excited right away. Even if Jacob has a little sister, your little guy may not fully understand what’s to come over the next 9 months. With that said, things will become a lot more real when he can feel a big belly kick or hold his new sibling.

2. Reminisce about when your toddler was also a baby! How small were her feet and how cute was her toothless grin? Toddlers love to be the center of attention, so show off their old baby pictures and tell stories of how tiny they were once too!

3. Set realistic expectations. Babies cry A LOT. They wake us up in the middle of the night and use a ton of diapers. Have your toddler take care of a baby doll along side you, just make sure he knows the real thing will be a lot louder!

4. Give your little helper a specific job! Can they rub the baby’s lotion onto his arms? Or choose the baby’s pajamas? Your toddler will feel a special sense of pride as a big sibling if they have a say in the baby’s life.

5. Allow your toddler a few toys that are private and off limits to the new bundle. This will help keep her identity in tact and help her to feel like she too has privileges as the bigger kid.

Finally, quality alone time and special treats never hurt either. But most important is just remembering that your toddler is still a baby too! And so they need as much attention and affection as your newest addition. Enjoy cuddling two with both arms!

(originally posted on Toddler Blog)

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