Getting ready for the start of preschool is one of the most exciting (and challenging!) times in a toddler’s life. Moms often ask us to share how to best prep their little one for this new chapter. So here are our top tips on how to get your kiddo PRESCHOOL PREPPED!

1. Visit beforehand. Plan a mini tour with your little, taking note of all the fun details the space has to offer. The red door, the caterpillar picture hanging on the wall, the green leggo table, etc etc.

2. Snap photos to bring home with you! Having the visual reminders of all these things will become a huge source of comfort for your soon-to-be preschooler! It’s especially helpful if you get a great snapshot of your soon-to-be teacher too.

3. Tell the school story! For example: “When we go back to school on Monday, we will push open the big red door, say Good Morning to the caterpillar picture, and then you can play on the green leggo table! What will you build?” Play this story out over and over again until your kiddo can tell it themselves.

4. Plan a post-preschool date. To assure kids you will be back, talk about what you will do after you pick them up. Will you listen to a special song in the car or get an after school snack together?

5. Listen. Sometimes a little one’s fears are kept inside because no one thought to ask them.  Although it’s tempting to quickly reassure your child and move on, instead let your child know that their worries have been heard.  Then you can address any fears before moving forward with this milestone together!

(originally posted on Toddler Blog)

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