Can we even put the words “toddler” and “manners” in the same sentence without making you burst into a fit of giggles?

Wiggle worms have a hard enough time sitting still, never mind remembering to use their forks. So sometimes the most effective way to teach a toddler table manners is to take a day off! Try your hand at it this “Messy Monday!”

  • Spread your picnic blanket on the kitchen floor and get ready to have some foodie fun! Playing on the floor is an important step since it shows toddlers the physical difference between how we act at the table versus when we are playing down low.
  • Eat everything with your hands, no utensils allowed. Or better yet, try your hands behind your back and eat just with your mouth! Foods like pudding and pasta noodles work best when trying to slurp up your super silly supper!
  • For an added twist, serve the unexpected! Why not have pancakes for dinner? Or spaghetti for breakfast? No rules apply when you are making the most of your family’s Messy Monday!

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