Getting toddlers to try new foods is a superhero task! But we are here to help you get your tot tasting a variety of nibbles in no time flat. Read on for our best, tasty tips!

  • Try and try again. Toddlers take quite a few times to get used to a new texture or taste. Try every day for two weeks straight and eventually, an odd food will start to become familiar and less intimidating to them.
  • Display it in a new way! Chunks of apple may not be a hit, but some littles will love apple slices, or a peeled apple whole, or even applesauce. And never underestimate the power of a funny shaped cookie cutter to make foods seem more enticing!
  • Talk it up. Before trying a raw carrot stick, build up the anticipation. i.e.: What color is that cute carrot? Is it hard or soft? I think that baby carrot is going to make a crunch sound when you bite into it! Do you?
  • Offer more than one newbie at a time. Play with offering two new foods on a dish in the same meal. As long as you also offer a side you know he loves, having two new options is great because you don’t know which newbie he will be drawn to.
  • Enlist a sous chef. Getting kiddos involved in picking and prepping food will definitely lead them to wanting to try the new dish they’ve helped create!
  • Sauce it up. Broccoli may become appealing when dipped in a favorite hummus or mixed in to the old standby, mac and cheese. A favorite sauce can make all the difference when first introducing something new.
  • Pair similar foods together. If your little nugget loves cauliflower, mix in a bit of broccoli with it. Pair nectarines with fuzzy peaches. Similar textures and flavors make new foods less scary.
  • Be an example. Kids want what we eat! So offer your tot a taste off your plate and the odds are stacked in your favor that she’ll want to try it too!
  • Take turns feeding one another. It may sound silly, but practice being the feeder and the one being fed. Kids usually get such a kick out of this that they’re willing to try a food out of their comfort zone to keep the game going!
  • Remember what you can control and what you can’t. You can choose what foods are offered to your little. But you can’t really control how much he eats. Pick your battles knowing that this too is temporary.
  • Be patient! Toddlers asserting their opinion and will is a crucial part of development. And though it may make meal time a bit tricky right now, that same independence and strong opinion will be to their advantage later in life!

(originally posted on Toddler Blog)

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