Having a toddler in tow doesn’t mean your social life has to end! Here are some quick tips for surviving DINING OUT WITH YOUR LITTLE!

  • Get to know the most kid-friendly restaurants in your area. Local websites like  tastertotsla.com here in SoCal have helped us. Yelp can help too. Though nothing is as valuable as a recommendation from another mom!
  • Feed your babe before you leave the house. This way you can focus on your own food when the time is right. And if she wants to taste new things at the restaurant, great. If not, she’ll still be content with a full belly.
  • Arrive early. It’s a smart way to beat the dinner rush! And it also gives you time to get situated and get acquainted with your server. Friendliness goes a long way!
  • Keep your visit short, but your diaper bag full. Save those tasting menus for another trip, but be prepared with extra diapers and a change of clothes just in case.
  • Bring some simple distractions like a favorite book, stamps, or removable stickers. Just make sure they are easy to clean up and quiet activities. Work those kiddo’s fine motor skills while you wait for your food!
  • Have realistic expectations. Kids are not mini adults. And while we can challenge them, we have to adjust our expectations accordingly. Pick your battles and praise all appropriate behavior.
  • Be prepared to exit quickly. Worse case scenario, if your little has a meltdown, be seated by the door for a quick escape route so that there is minimal disturbance to the other customers.

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