Whether you’re a fan of the ol’ Time Out or not, every parent needs a variety of discipline tactics in their arsenal to help keep the family peace! Here are a few of our favorite Alternatives To Time-Outs!

1. Try a Time-In! Sometimes when a kiddos is super tired, hungry, or just plain overwhelmed – They’re acting out because their needs are not being met. Why not take a few moments alone with your child to help them adjust? Maybe a snuggle, a snack, or a calm chat is all they need to cool down. Your focused, undivided attention is often a cure-all.

2. Aim to distract! Littles may continually act out even after you’ve told them no what feels like a million times. When they can’t resist the temptation and your patience is wearing thin, try completely changing the situation. Bring out a new item to explore, get up and change locations, do a silly tap dance if you must. Humor goes a long way in parenting! Anything to distract them and move on to a new adventure together.

3. Call a Do-Over! Instead of just jumping to a Time-Out, take a crack at empowering your child to make a wiser decision on their own. Even as an adult I often wish for a chance at a Do-Over. If your kiddo makes a better decision this second time around, make sure to celebrate it! Letting go of the previous mistake and keeping positive will make everyone’s lives a lot easier!

(originally posted on Toddler Blog)

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